Moisturizers and how they work

One of the big parts of a good skincare regime is the application of moisturizers. Despite how common they are and how many people use them, many do not know how they work or how to choose one moisturizer over another. There are thousands of different moisturizers available and there are a couple of useful hints that help you choose the right one. To choose the right one requires you to understand how the skin works and your type of skin.

The skin actually has two main layers called the epidermis and the dermis. Moisturizers work by trapping water in the layers of your epidermis and thereby prevents the drying of your skin. Moisturizers are actually imitating the natural behavior of your of your skin when it produces oil.

You can get two types of moisturizers, being water based and oil based. Water based makes your skin feel less greasy however oil based are thicker and fill the pores in your skin.

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Adelaide – The city of churches

Australia has some famous cities with the most well known being Sydney and Melbourne. One city that is less known is a little city in the state of South Australia called Adelaide.

Adelaide is called the city of churches because it has an unusually high number of churches littered around the city and suburbs. It is one of the least populated capital cities but has some famous tourist attractions. The city has been voted the most liveable city in Australia two years in a row and a number of factors such as safety and lifestyle have a huge part in this.

The city has a number of huge events that brings crowds of people to the city especially during ‘Mad March’ which hosts a number of events such as The Clipsal 500 car race, World music festival, Fringe and other shows.

Adelaide also has a number of great attractions such as the Barossa Valley wine growing region and Kangaroo Island, home of a great wildlife park.

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Great cycling cities

Cycling is one of those past times which can really give you a sense of satisfaction  especially when you’re in a new city or a beautiful place. Bike riding allows you to enjoy a view of a city that you would not get any other way and keep you fit at the same time!

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One of the best cities to ride through that we will mention is Berlington in Vermont. There are a large number of maps that have been put together by the local bicycle club and gives you a beautiful tour of covered bridges, quad-torching greens and cheese tasting.

The next place to make sure you visit is Banff in Alberta Canada. This place has almost 120 miles of trails through Banff national park and gives you amazing views of the glaciers, aquamarine lakes and other amazing alpine scenery.

How to choose the right running shoes

Choosing a running shoe is very important as wearing the wrong shoe may result on long term injuries. It can also determine how your running experience will be because wearing the wrong shoe can mean a painful running experience.

The first important consideration is pronation. Pronation is the rolling action from your heal to your toe when you are running. If there is under of over pronation, then this is where your running action is incorrect.

The second consideration is your foot type. There are many different types of feet out there but they are generally categorised into three different types; being normal arch, low arch (flat feet) and high arch.

It is therefore logical that shoes come in three different shapes to cater for different feet types. The first is a straight shape for people with a straight shape. People with high arches should go for curved shape shoes and people with normal feet should choose semi curved shoes.

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Contact lens and how they are made

The way that contact lens are manufactured is dependent on the type of contact lens. There are two main types of contact lens, being soft and hard contact lens. Initially hard contact lens were the only type of contact lens available however, with the advancement of technology came soft contact lens which are also now the more popular type.

Soft contact lens are made in two ways. The first way is by using a lathe cutting method. In this method, the plastic polymer is placed onto a lathe which then cuts it using  a computer controlled laser. The second method is using a traditional injection molding system where the plastic is melted to a molten state and then placed into a mold before allowing it to be cooled into it’s final shape.

Hard contact lens are made by place the plastic into a lathe also however these lens are specifically designed for the persons eyes and are therefore more expensive and take longer to produce.

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Online sales not as resilient as expected

Australia is still considered one of the strongest economies in the world but one sector which is in trouble is the retail sector which is experienced strong weakness. The only strong point has been online sales however in December, even online sales experienced a dip in growth easing from a high of 27 percent growth in November to a growth of 23 percent in December.

The growth of 23 percent is still a great result, however, when compared to growth in traditional bricks and mortar stores which have had a dismal result.

The drop in growth from November to December is considered to be due to the fact that many people buying Christmas presents will buy it in November so that it arrives in time for the Christmas in December. It was also found that in December there were many transactions that were of low value such as music, toys and books.

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Dell attempts to revamp Dell

One of the biggest technology take-overs this year is currently in the motions with Michael Dell and private equity attempting to take ownership of the company of which he started as in the current CEO for, Dell.

Dell is going through some tough times with drops in sales due to intense competition from other PC makers such as Lenovo and HP as well as the growing popularity of tablet PC’s.

Initially, speculation was that Michael Dell would only take a minority stake in the newly formed private Dell. However, it has been reported that in fact, Michael Dell is looking to inject more of his own private funds to increase his stake to over 50% of the company rather than just the 15% he currently owns.

This would obviously give him a majority stake over the company and more freedom from him to execute the strategies he wants to increase market share.

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Billabong rises on news of a takeover offer

Billabong shares have surged today on the news that a US retailer has made a takeover bid for the struggling surfwear company. US retailer VF Corporation has made a $1.10 offer for the company which matches a offer made in December by a consortium headed by a Billabong executive.

It is expected that this offer by VF corporation will ignite a bidding war for the company. On the news of the bid, the company’s shares surged 13.5 percent, closing at 98 cents. The gain is in anticipation that a price war will occur with the two companies and even possibly, other suitors joining in.

The major hurdle to a sale going through at this stage seems to be the board who have blocked all attempts so far to progress talks on a takeover going further.

Billabong has dropped a long way from it’s glory days due mostly to the tough economic conditions worldwide. One bright spark has been their acquisition of online retailer SurfStitch. SurfStitch were a major competitor for Billabong in Australia and pipped the company with online initiatives such as offering a SurfStitch promo code to consumers.

Retail price war starting

In a tough retail market, the consumer dollar is harder won and there are very few ways to win the war besides lowering prices and this is what some of the major stores such as Myer and David Jones have been doing. In fact, although it has not been publicized the price of many of their goods have come down substantially.

David Jones have even used on their website a common catch phrase also used among other retailers ‘lower everyday prices’.

The drop in prices is not just a response to the weak retail market, it is also a firing shot against the pressure of overseas retailers beating at the door. David Jones believes however, that the lower prices being offered by overseas retailers are merely a testing of the Australian market to see whether there is potential there.

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The Gold coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. It is a coastal city which is located south of Brisbane and is the second most populated city in Queensland. The Gold Coast has over 70,000 beds available, 60 kilometeres of beach, 40 golf courses and many theme parks.

The Gold Coast gets over 10 million tourists per year and tourism is the biggest industry in the region contributing over 4.5 billion dollars each year into the city’s economy. In fact, tourism accounts for one in every 4 jobs that exist in the city.

There are a number of major events that occur each year that helps attract more tourists to the city. One of them is the Gold Coast 600 which is an Indy style car race held in October.

Another major event is called Schoolies where thousands of school leavers come to the Gold Coast for end of year celebrations.

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